• Snacktown Kitchens

    Snacktown Kitchens Co. is Hanover’s newest kitchen, with a twist! In 2021 Laura started selling fresh squeezed citrus drinks with her grandson at a pop-up stand on the weekends. She began selling Sarah’s cupcakes at the stand and went to local events in the area to sell them. They were a hit! We have been head over heels busy since then, learning how to create and run a business while we live as single moms working full time jobs, raising kids and grandkids and weathering a global pandemic. It has taken a ton of work, but we have loved watching our products get out there and get recognized!

    We are a virtual kitchen, located in downtown Hanover, right on Baltimore Street. What is a virtual kitchen, you ask? It is a real kitchen that really has passed inspection and is licensed to sell retail and wholesale food. We don’t have a storefront, or showroom. We have a kitchen, a tasting room (by appointment only) social media and a tent to take to events. Our food is ordered online and available for curbside pickup (we run it right out to you!) or delivery. You can find our cupcakes in local businesses too! Try one and see what the fuss is about :)

    We also take our handcrafted, gourmet cupcakes, cookies and other products to events in York, Adams, and Lancaster counties to meet new people. The events we attend will be posted on our website so you know where to find us!

    Snacktown Kitchens Co. got its name because we had to borrow and share kitchen space from other restaurants in our town, and Hanover is the “Snacktown Capital.” Thanks to the response of our community and customers, we have been able to start our own kitchen plans and will be up and running before the end of 2021. It has been so exciting to get to know our community as we have developed as a business, and we hope to pay our community back with the friendship and engagement that we have been given in kind.

    We got our start with our gourmet cupcakes and fresh squeezed citrus products, but we aren’t stopping there! We will be developing our cookies, cakes, breads and soups, and other delicious product lines. Stay tuned….